TL780 Automatic Foil Stamping and Die-cutting Machine


  1. LT780 automatic foil stamping and die cutting machine is designed for the work of hot stamping, die cutting, creasing and convex pressing etc. and applicable to paper or plastic film. It can finish the feeding, die cutting, peeling and paper collecting automatically.
  2. The whole machine is composed of main body, foil stamping unit, automatic feeding unit and electric unit. The hot stamping or die cutting is completed by crankshaft and pressure adjusting unit.
  3. Controlled by PC and the electric part is composed of main motor control system, feeder/delivery control system, foil offering control system and others.
  4. Equipped with centralized lubrication system.


Max. Paper Size :

780x560 mm

Min. Paper Size :

280x220 mm

Feeder Pile Height:


Delivery Pile Height:


Max. Working Pressure :



12 kw

Air Pump Displacement :


Paper range:

100 g ~ 2000 g/㎡

Max. Speed:

1500 s/h  paper < 150g/㎡
2500s/h  paper >150g/㎡

Machine Weight :

4300 kg

Machine Noise :

< 81 db

Electro Plate Power:

8 kw

Machine Dimensions :

2700 x 1820 x 2020 mm

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